Ms Pole Dance

World Pole Dancing – because pole dancing is truly an international phenomenon!


Whether you are looking for your first pole dancing class – or an experienced dancer looking for competitive pole dance tournaments, there is certainly something out there for you in the World of Pole Dance!



Don’t think too hard about strippers – this is so much more than that. Pole Dancing is a sport that is both demanding and athletic – if you are a dancer and you want to excel at it then you’ll need to be both strong and flexible – plus don’t forget that pole dance is an art-form too – so simple brute strength is never going to be enough – this is far more to do with flair and beauty – with a hint of the residual erotic which will always be part of the pole sport art form!


If you are looking for a pole at home – then although you could purchase one of the fixed types (GHI Poles) it would certainly be preferable for you if you were to get one of the portable styles (R-Pole or X-Pole) both are good quality and are made to last – there are plenty of options for different surface finishes and ceiling height extenders – but maybe the hardest choice is whether you should get yourself a spinning or a static dancing pole – both r-pole and x-pole offer these choices..

So to help you make the right choice then trying it out a pole dancing class somewhere in the world is gong to help you decide.